Saturday, August 2, 2008

The century mark

I've wondered what this would mean to me, this 100th entry on my blog; a blog that I created, nurtured and helped grow into a real live blog. I've sort of put off this entry because I think I may be done with it now. I try to never say never because that word has proven itself to be spiteful and evil many times; not only does what I said would never happen happen, but it happens in some painful way that rubs in the fact that I said it would never come to pass...I digress.

I believe I have done what I needed to do and now need to move on and do something else. I have learned that there are things I thought I wanted from this that I really didn't, and other things I gained that I had not considered. I think the biggest gain I made here was in allowing others to read things I've written. I have learned to share my thoughts and that is big for me.

I think I'll go back to writing in my journals and see what comes next. Anyway, I appreciate anyone who has been here and took the time to read what I've written. Maybe I'll do what I intended and create a website about training and running that also has an area for my thoughts...maybe I can pay my nephew to do it?

If you have been here I would love to have a parting comment from you. Thank you.

Somewhere outside of loneliness, revelations yet untold

Willful, blind and bound inside, sight lost between the folds

Waves recede having borne away, now gone was once neglected

Then drawn so near, that cast away, as just to be detected

Somewhere outside of loneliness contented hearts delight

A mind designed to live forlorn knows not which wrongs to right

Glimmer here and shimmer there is all that will be seen

Be damned lest it be drawn so near to rinse the hopeless clean

Somewhere outside of loneliness, passions glory reigns

A sublime and pure peace succors and then as quickly wanes

When given to desires need, this fleeting joy pursued

Not find but found and drawn upon, the heart once more subdued

Somewhere outside of loneliness, the path there stained in red

With each retreat wounded souls sway, less alive than dead

The truth, profound, so bold as to ensure obscurity

There is not out that's not within, a sober surety

Somewhere outside our loneliness, anther's fills the void

On eerie pedestals are raised two hearts long since devoid

Too vast and deep is that revealed to risk what may befall

Less self reflect in dimmer light wants nothing after all.

Au revoir.