Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"And would it have been worth it, afterall"

"Would it have been worthwhile?"

There are certain truths in life and in literature that seem to always define the bottom line. Cleverly phrased axioms become so universal as to be trite, though their beginnings were pure and, as previously mentioned, cleverly phrased. "The sun also rises" is one of my favorites, narrowly edging out the lesser known "I knowed you done had it" (a southern colloquialism that implies that someone knew someone else had or indeed may still have something).
I choose to interpret the "the sun also rises" as the idea that no matter what happened previously, tomorrow represents a fresh start. This is important, because sometimes things change, and no amount of reason or rationale can make them how they used to be...what cannot be unfelt.

In crooked distance disappearing, forgotten imagined or unaware.
What satisfied so completely, neatly vanished in thin air.
In air that holds so many secrets, swallowed whole then whisked away.
In deluded haze it is I reprised, half-heartedly replayed.

At midnight last night, the deadline for my withdrawal from early retirement came and went. This morning feels like the day I committed to running my first marathon; without fear, there is the realization that there is no where to hide and the outcome will only be determined by me.

My last entry here in November ended with the idea that maybe is wasn't too late to make a difference...and so, "the sun also rises."