Saturday, September 7, 2013

Golden Pandas

China owes us Pandas, not the bamboo chewing cute ones but two solid gold, life-sized Pandas. Right now they are brushing aside their normal preoccupation with receiving mammoth quantities of dirt-cheap US raw materials and then adding some lead and bacteria to them before returning them to us as tainted goods that we can buy at reasonable, rolled-back prices, because they are salivating over our interest in Syria and need to wipe away some drool.
The only thing better than selling the US sub-par products is loaning the US money to keep the world safe. China wants a safe world like we all do, and they are happy to help out with some relatively low interest humanitarian loans to the world's police, aka the USA.
If the UN says no, then the answer is no. Yes it's horrible that there are still governments that use chemical weapons on their own citizens, let alone on anyone else, but we can't afford to spend hundreds of millions of China's dollars in Syria.
How is it that the world says that we should all stay out of Syria and continue to allow the government to poison its citizens? I don't know, but I do know that it's the worlds responsibility to move forward in humanitarian terms, and not simply the USA's.