Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peace and the Underwear Bomb

It seems that the terrorists of the world have perfected the underwear bomb, and the martyrs are lining up to step into a pair. How is it possible that the world will ever be okay when there are those who are willing to wear explosive tighty whities? Who wears exploding underwear? It seems like a self-loathing way to end it all, a throw back to the ancient belief that sex equals sin...the ultimate dichotomy; the human race can't continue without reproduction, and sexuality is the expression of sin.
It takes a twisted sort of bravery to wear doomsday briefs...the first thing wearing an underwear bomb takes is cajones, followed by the rest of your privates.
I'm so tired of people inflicting harm on others in the name of a cause that supposedly has faith in God at its center. Really? Christians, Pagans and Muslims have been slaughtering each other to no avail since before the crusades, but here we are in 2012 sporting the recently perfected underwear bomb.
I think we should cast those willing to wear an underwear bomb into a lake, and if they don't drown they are guilty and should wear an underwear bomb into the forest. The obvious question is if no innocents are killed by an underwear bomb in the forest, does it make a sound?